Because shipping parcels will never replace the contact we can have with our customers, we travel the roads to meet you.

We travel in France and a little abroad with our shop to immerse you in our universe. It is an opportunity for us to present our new ranges, our flagship products and unique pieces.For our customers, it is always nice to be able to discover our articles other than in photo, to try the creations that make you dream, to look in the mirror to make an opinion, to share your questions with us, or simply to exchange and put a face on a name.

And if you have placed an order on the website, it can be an opportunity to come and make an adjustment, like finding a hole in a belt, shortening a strap of bag, etc...

Below you will find our calendar, listing all the dates of the events in which we will participate. Attention, this calendar is constantly evolving and new events are added regularly as confirmations are made. Don’t hesitate to review this page from time to time!

Looking forward to (re)seeing and sharing a good time with you!

Rémi et Marine


CALENDAR 2020 ¬ in France

  • 15 février - 16 février: Normannia, Rouen (76)
  • 21 février - 23 février: Cernunnos Pagan Fest, Noisiel (77)
  • 28 mars - 29 mars:  Marché de l'Histoire d'Orange, Orange (84) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 18 avril - 19 avril: L'Orée des Légendes, Monthermé (08) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 25 avril - 26 avril: Les Légendes de Menthon, Menthon-Saint-Bernard (74) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 09 mai - 10 mai: Les Médiévales d'Alby, Alby sur Chéran(74) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 30 mai - 31 mai: Les Flamboyantes, Cusset (03) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 13 juin - 14 juin: Les Médiévales de Provins, Provins (77) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 07 août - 16 août: Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Lorient (56) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 07 septembre - 08septembre: Médiévales de Crémieu, Crémieu (38) [POSTPONED]
  • 19 septembre - 20 septembre: Cidre & Dragon, Merville-Franceville (14) [CANCELED!!!]
  • 03 octobre - 04 octobre: Médiévales de Crémieu, Crémieu (38) [CANCELED!!!]